🚫 (DMCA) Takedown

Please read this carefully before requesting any takedowns

All the services that I run are so-called proxies. They do not host any content, they proxy content that is hosted on the corresponding platform. If you want to takedown content, then send your request to the original platform. After they remove the content, it is automatically gone from my services.

If you still want to contact me, send an email to abuse@r4fo.com
⚠️ Please note that submitting incorrect takedown requests is illegal and may result in legal consequences.

My servers are run in Europe and are protected by European law:

Under the directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonization of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society, “temporary acts of reproduction referred to in Article 2, which are transient or incidental [and] an integral and essential part of a technological process and whose sole purpose is to enable: a transmission in a network between third parties by an intermediary” is allowed, and legal.