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Last updated: March 23th 2024

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What data do I collect?

In General


ProxiTok, RedLib, SafeTwitch and Nitter

Third Parties


You may contact me at privacy@r4fo.com if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy


[23 Mar 2024] simplified privacy policy and improved wording
[29 Feb 2024] added Nitter
[7 Feb 2024] simplified privacy policy
[14 Jan 2024] fixed indentation
[16 Dec 2023] improved wording
[15 Dec 2023] r4fo.com is now selfhosted, no more Cloudflare Pages
[13 Dec 2023] Cloudflare Proxy is now disabled by default
[3 Dec 2023] r4fo.com is now being hosted by Cloudflare Pages, previously by GitHub Pages
[2 Dec 2023] status.r4fo.com is now selfhosted
[25 Nov 2023] created privacy policy