🧅 Running my first Tor Relay

Since Piped’s bandwidth usage kept going up significantly, I recently upgraded to a Netcup rootserver. The only problem: now I have 120TB per month of bandwidth, which is too much for just a Piped instance (which uses around 20TB per month). So I decided to donate a huge portion of the rest (80000 TB) to the Tor Project by running a Tor Relay.

To be specific, it is a Middle/Guard relay (not an exit relay for obvious reasons). I have allocated it 300 megabits per second, with a burst of 400 megabits per second. It is not much but at least it is something. You can check it out here. In a world where privacy becomes more and more of a myth and where every company exploits us for our data, it’s great to have projects like Tor that still try to protect it. And now I am finally contributing to the Tor network, a significant milestone in supporting online privacy and security.

For anyone else wanting to run a Tor Relay with lots of bandwidth, I have some Netcup discount codes here. You get a huge discount and you support me at the same time.