🥳 Succesfully migrated Piped to Netcup server!

My Piped instance’s user base is growing rapidly, and I was on the edge of the Oracle server’s bandwidth limit (10TB). I stumbled on Netcup’s rootserver and with a substantial 120TB bandwidth, it is more than enough for the current usage that my Piped instance gets. Past friday (24/11), was migration day for Piped, all other services will continue to run on the Oracle server in Amsterdam.

Also, to make a positive impact, I’ll be donating the excess bandwidth to the Tor Project, by running a Tor relay.

As a last note, your support matters. Please consider supporting me, I have added a few different donation options. Maybe use my Netcup coupon codes, you will get a huge discount and I will earn a little commission. Your donations will directly impact the service quality and potential upgrades in the future.